In our latest episode of The Words Podcast we celebrate the lives of the often unsung individuals who displayed remarkable courage in adversity and whose experiences on the battle field, in the air, on the home front and behind enemy lines, have made the pages of the books we discuss today.

As we commemorated the end of World War One and the centenary of the Armistice, war still rages across the globe.

Today we still rely daily on the bravery and sacrifice of military forces, the journalists who bring these stories to our attention, the paramedics and humanitarian organisations who fight to save life on the ground and the civilians who risk everything to help others in times of conflict.

Joining our panel discussion are; John Nichol, ex Royal Air Force Navigator, Flight Lieutenant, Gulf war veteran and author of Spitfire, talks about the iconic fighter planes and those who flew them. Rick Stroud, author of Lonely Courage, shares portraits of the incrdible women in the Special Operations Executive established by Churchill to fight alonside the French resistance and Duncan Barrett, historian and authority on second world war Britain, explains Channel Island life, and rebelion, under Nazi rule as depicted in his new book Hitler’s British Isles.

In a special interview we speak to Warrant Officer Kim Hughes GC who was awarded the George Cross by The Queen after his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, when he defused a record 119 IEDs saving hundereds of lives including many women and children. His frank and page-turning memoir, Painting The Sand, details his numerous encounters with the Taliban and about the dark truths of life in bomb disposal.

To conclude Duncan Barrett has written an exclusive essay about Bob Le Sueur, one of Jersey’s most notorious residents who was awarded an MBE for his efforts in assisting escaped Russian prisoners, in Jersey. In his fascinating reading, Barrett details how Le Sueur was able to move about due to his work as an insurance agent and how he acted as relay in a network of people sheltering escapees, forging documents and resisting at every civilian level the Nazi occupaton.

Inspiring, shocking and deeply moving, this is an episode not to be missed.