This week’s episode of The Words Podcast is dedicated to the Hollywood legend, Sally Field.

For over five decades Sally has captivated television and film audiences. Her shelves are laden with awards, among them two Oscars, three Emmys and two Golden Globes. She is successful, popular and immensely talented.

Sally has been directed by many of the world’s greatest film-makers including Steven Spielberg, Martin Ritt and Chris Columbus. She has played alongside acting legends such as Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, Daniel Day-Lewis, Shirley MacLaine, Tom Hanks and Robin Williams.

But her life has also been challenging. In her memoir, In Pieces, Sally opens up for the first time about her difficult and lonely childhood, how she found her voice through acting and the strength and inspiration to take on her other leading roles – as daughter, mother and grandmother.

In the episode, Sally discusses her life and career, starting out in TV sitcoms and fighting her way, tooth and nail, into film. She speaks about her loves, her family and her losses, and touches upon new theatre projects and her advocacy of women’s rights.

It is a fascinating and revealing interview which celebrates an incredible life and an outstanding book.