Santa Montefiore, Stephen McGann, Catherine Isaac and Juliet Ashton join The Words podcast to discuss the secrets, lies, chaos and comforts of family life.

The Temptation of Gracie is Santa Montefiore’s thrilling new book, which spans five generations and follows an English grandmother on a mission to reconnect with her ‘secretive past’ in Tuscany – much to her family’s surprise. She’ll be joining the panel to discuss the importance of family in her writing and life.

Listen: Santa discusses the impact of family on her books

Our second guest is Catherine Isaac, whose harrowing and moving story You Me Everything sees a single mother try to track down her son’s father, while her family battles a debilitating illness.

Listen: Catherine tells her mother’s life-affirming story

Completing our panel is Juliet Ashton, whose latest book, The Sunday Lunch Club, revolves around a very modern – and rather large – family, whose many stories hold mirrors up to our own lives.

Actor Stephen McGann – himself part of a very large acting family – also joins us to discuss his family history and autobiography Flesh and Blood – a book which is much, much more than a memoir.

Listen: Stephen McGann on his family history