Laura Bates

January 15, 2018

Author of: Misogynation

Laura Bates, pioneering feminist, activist and bestselling author, has given voice to hundreds of thousands of women through her international award-winning Everyday Sexism Project, an ever increasing collection of over 100,000 testimonies of gender inequality which has been described as “one of the biggest social media success stories on the internet”.

Laura writes regularly for the Guardian, Independent and TIME among others. Her first book, Everyday Sexism, was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Book of the Year award and Political Book Awards Polemic of the Year, and named one of the Bookseller’s Top 10 Non-Fiction Books of 2014. Her second book, GIRL UP, is a guide for young women that exposes the truth about body image, false representations in media, the complexities of a sex and relationships, the trials of social media and all the other lies they told us. Misogynation, a collection of timely essays is her third book and is published in February 2018.

Laura Bates on everyday sexism