The Words on Crime

February 14, 2018

Chris Carter, Louise Candlish, Lisa Cutts and Andrew Wilson join Craig Robertson and Rosie Goldsmith for an investigation into the art of writing thrillers.

The crime fiction genre used to be just that, fiction, and its authors mainly inventors; today the genre reflects real-life crime and its authors resemble real detectives.

Detective Constable Lisa Cutts, criminologist Chris Carter and crime scene journalist Craig Robertson tell Rosie Goldsmith why the best thriller writers share an impeccable sense of observation and a deep understanding of forensic evidence.

Listen to Lisa, Chris and Craig’s discussion

In part two, Rosie talks to Louise Candlish about her new thriller, Our House: an absolutely riveting modern thriller about a scarily credible crime.

Louise Candlish on a very modern crime crime

And finally, in The Words, we hear about crime fiction old-style with an exclusive reading by Andrew Wilson, author of the A Talent For Murder series, starring none other than the original queen of crime, Agatha Christie.

Andrew on the Mistress of Misdirection, Agatha Christie